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Gore-Tex® is a thin, porous membrane that is bonded to fabrics like nylon and polyester to make them both waterproof and breathable. And yes, it really does work. How? The pores ( 9 billion pores per square inch) in the membrane are too small (20,000 times smaller) for water droplets to pass through, so rain and snow stay on the outside. But those same pores are large enough to allow molecules of water vapor (sweat) to pass through--making it "breathable" from the inside. It's important to note that Gore-Tex®, like all other waterproof/breathable membranes or coatings, has its limits. It is not completely waterproof or completely breathable in all conditions. Gore requires that all garments made with their product have factory seam-taping (to eliminate leaks), which requires special machinery. This fabric is not available for retail purchase. Exclusively licenced use to specific manufacturers from the Gore Company, to maintain the highest quality control. Try EBay, as sometimes a roll goes missing from inventory (usually because of a simple defect). Send Comments, Questions or Suggestions about this web page or site to: Last Modified: December 26, 2006