The Dead Runners Society

People sometimes ask me how the The Dead Runners Society started. I first became aware of the Internet in 1991 and decided to start a running list of my own. I had no idea what would happen. I put together a small mailing list on March 15, 1991 with the addresses of some of my co-workers and Internet running friends. I named the list after a movie called the Dead Poets Society. We were a different kind of list and the name seemed to fit.

We later moved to a Listserv list at Dartmouth College where we are today. The list grew and deads started forming regional groups and meeting each other. At this point we were no longer just an Internet list but a community of runners all over the world. Deads have always had a strong sense of identity and have been very loyal to each other. I have made many life-long friends here and I am very proud of what we have built together.

You can manage your subscription or read DRS mail on the Listserv Archive Site. The default option for subscriptions is DIGEST but you can switch your subscription over to MAIL so you will receive every message. Send me email if you need help navigating through the Listserv site.

My Running Program

During the week I run on a running and bike path that circles my neighborhood north of Austin, Texas. On Saturday mornings I go for a long run in Brushy Creek Lake Park. I run by time but keep track of my mileage as well. This year I bought a Timex Zone Alarm HRM (a good buy on Amazon for $60!) and I'm trying to stay within my HRM zones which means slowing down a bit on easy days. I've started doing tempo runs one day a week and hope to add another speedwork day as the year goes on.

Email me if you need help with your subscription or have questions about the lists or just want to talk.